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Purple Pearl - 12 Seeds


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Purple Pearl - 12 Seeds

- Colourful Terpene Bomb -

Smells like a fresh bowl of fruitsBright structure of summer aromas
Flowering - 56-63 days
Indica Dominant Hybrid
GDP Daughter - Purple Urkle x Big Bud

None of us are into pearls or pearl diving. At least not yet, but we like flowers. Colourful, aromatic flowers. Dense, compact flowers covered in resin. Tasty flowers that are fun to look at. A product so good, you want to give it to your mother to try. One you take pictures of to show to all your friends.

All this above, captures our feelings for our Purple Pearl from California pretty well. This pearl develops purple and pinkish colours by itself.

Secret: Supported by cold temperatures below 20 degrees, the result will be an explosion of colours. Combined with its great taste and stability, Purple Pearl is our colour and taste bomb.

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