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Big Tuna - 6 Seeds


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Big Tuna - 6 Seeds

- Big Yielder -

Indica Dominant Hybrid
Flowering - 60-65 days
Bold aroma, pungent herbal scents, rounded up by an earthy menthol feeling in the back of the mouth

Like a California Burrito after surfing - sometimes size does matter, especially when it comes to Big Tuna. A good old efficiency mix. Dense flowers that kick in heavily, even though their size suggests rather little effects. Everyone who considers quality and quantity to be of equal importance, will be impressed by Big Tuna consistently. Stable beach beauty delivering what it promises. Taste wise Big Tuna likes it spicy. Even after a proper flush, there is still an underlying spicy note in the back of the mouth. Everyone who prefers flowers more fruity, will love our big one nevertheless. The yield is just too good to ignore with this big fish.

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